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Topic : What will be the Impact of the 2010/11 Government Budget?  

The 2010/11 government budget which the Minister responsible for Finance, Planning and Economic Development sai ...Click here to read more

Comments From TAKNET Members
Juma Bruno Ngomuo  : Thursday, July 29, 2010    
  Yap it may have the pisitive impacts especially to higher income earners but it will lead to much downfall to low income earners and those who living in rural areas that they will continue to be poor and poor  

Omari Mwinyi Khamis  : Thursday, July 8, 2010    

Thanks Mr.Maro for spending your time in analysing the present budget.One cannot believe that the government will tax farmer’s produce by 3 to 5 % and apply the same tax method to large scale mining companies since the royaly is between 3 to 5 %.

Our living standard is very low if the rural population lives below  1 US$ per day.I remenber when I was in Greece in 1973 I could live by using 3 US$ per day. The taxation to the farmers simply shows that the government is not serious in reducing poverty in Tanzania and thus not following what is written in MKUKUTA.

Yes indeed there are no expenditure reductions in any ministry in Tanzania and this proves that the government is not seroius about the world economic crisis.If those who are helping us economically  for example UK can reduce its expenses by 8.3million pounds and we reduce nothing simply because we are rich in mineral resources that does not benefit us at all but the investors and those corrupt leaders.





Festo E. Maro  : Tuesday, July 6, 2010    
  When will the budget work for poor? This is very basic but difficult question to put into practice. Which means the traditional budget allocation if continues we will never help poor population out of poverty. I have never heard major deductions in expenditures announced despite our economy being in difficult times. For example in UK due to financial crisis and glaring economic crisis in euro zone has cut down government expenses for about 8.3 million pound to deal with its budget deficit. In our country its never being the case where one of the resolution is to reduce government expenditures instead they opt to increase borrowing and taxes. At the same time they announce tax waivers to profit making entities.

We need courageous leaders who will make budget decisions based on what we have not on what we will get. Who will make use of our natural resource for the public profit not based on investor and few fraudulent leaders benefits. We need an efficient public procurement systems particularly on high cost projects to avoid re-building within a short time. This has been observed in road construction and building construction. By this way we will have many savings that might be channeled to activities that benefit low income earners in the country.

Festo E. Maro  : Wednesday, June 30, 2010    
  This is timely discussion about the post budget speech and our views I hope will be submitted to the government when they will be working on another budget. This budget similar to previous one does not show any innovations toward increasing incomes of a common Tanzanian. Many common poor are employed in agriculture activities particularly in production of maize, beans, banana, vegetables and legumes. Surprisingly many government exemptions do not target this group. Much worse the government allowed Local Government Authorities to charge these producers a tax of 3% to 5% of their sales.

Exemptions have been directed to agricultural activities that employ very few Tanzanians such as horticulture, importation of diary equipments and importation of tractors. Majority of beneficiaries of these exemptions are traders and larger scale producers who are very few and relatively rich. We understand that most of our rural population lives below 1USD a day how on earth could this farmer buy a tractor? we also know these farmers are not bankable where could they get loan to finance mechanization of their agriculture?

The government needs to be more focused in setting exemptions and put in place strategies that will make poor farmers benefits from the so called exemptions.


makange Manyelo  : Tuesday, June 22, 2010    

A Good budget should stimulate growth through agriculture and business development. SMES should be facilitated to borrow at low interest rates, the Government should set aside a guarantee fund and buraucracy reduced in borrowing instead of collateral insurance should cover loans. Collateral is an old style, the Central bank should change and stop conservatism.  Subsidy should be given to agricultural sector. Government should cut down spending. Else the budget as it is I dont see much in it.


By Makange Mramba

A K Hassan  : Monday, June 21, 2010    

Dear TAKNET members,

I hope everything is well with you. I would like to welcome you all to forward your views on a new topic titled “What will be the Impact of the 2010/11 Government Budget to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction?” The main objective is to get your views on how you think 2010/11 Government budget has succeeded or failed to address the long term policy objective of Economic growth and reducing poverty.

If you think that the current budget cannot achieve this objective, then we will be grateful to have your suggestions on how the revenues could have been allocated to achieve the same. 

Your ideas will help us come-up with policy suggestions to the Government on how to improve the allocation of resources in future.

The contributions can be made in English or Kiswahili.

If you wish to read more about the budget  please see the introduction above or you can have access to the full budget speech from the front page of Tzonline website available at: www.tzonline.org

Thank You


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